Our Services

  1. Stock Pile Operation
    We own the Stock Pile at Buton, Sumatera and stock our procured product there.
    Inspection for Acceptance and Removal of Foreign Substance will be done at the Stock Pile location.
    Free space of our stock pile will be available for lease. (to be charged)
  2. Loading Operation
    Our Stock Pile is located very close to the loading point of shipment and loading can be executed by our conveyor.
    Loading system can also be rented.
  3. Shipping and Port management
    We provide the shipping arrangement service, to book the vessel and preparation of the document for the shipment and as well as arranging for the following various procedures with port side, securing a berth, obtaining time for navigation control, piloting, tug-boat.
  4. Procurement and Sales of Biomass
    Our supply network, mainly with Government-owned plantation (PTPN), is high-reliability with its long-term contract.
    We offer a long term fixed price guarantee of a stable long-term supply and reduction of the price fluctuation risk.